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Discovery Facilitation

Need to subpoena an out of state witness but you don't know what to do? Contact us and our experts will walk you through the requirements from your trial state in order to domesticate a subpoena in the discovery state.

Many states have enacted Uniform laws however, there is nothing "uniform" about it as each state, each county and even each clerk has their own interpretations of the enacted laws.

We have the procedures and requirements from virtually every county in every state to get your out of state witness served.

Document Preparation

Once we receive the original or certified documents from your trial state, we will prepare the necessary documents in the discovery state in order to cause the subpoena to issue. With 50 states and over 3,000 counties in the USA, your office should not have to figure out the numerous documents and procedures of each state.

Through many years of experience, our office has accumulated and perfected the exact documents required to domesticate your subpoena

Court Services

Through our national network of field agents, we are able to file and issue documents throughout various courts across the country.

Whether you need a subpoena issued in the District Court of the State of Nevada or an original Proof of Service filed with the Superior Court in the State of North Carolina, our offices can definitely assist you with your court service needs.

Service of Process

We provide our clients with fast and efficient service of process of many types of documents. While we specialize in state to state subpoena service, we also serve summons, complaints, USDC subpoenas, and more nationwide. We have field agents nationwide so service in even the most rural areas will be completed.

From California to New York, we can have your documents served on time, every time.

Investigation Reports

Should the situation arise where you need to locate a good physical address for a deponent or if you need to conduct a background check on a defendant, we have a private investigator who can assist in finding even the most difficult people.

Our private investigator will find the actual physical whereabouts and can help in making your service of process a succesful one.