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Success Story

Since its inception, CLSS Online, Inc. has valued its reputation as the expert in domesticating Subpoenas nationwide. Over the years, as we have issued well over hundreds of thousands of Subpoenas in every State for our thousands of satisfied clients, we have had our share of battles, which provided us the experience to give our clients the best possible outcome we can offer so they can have their subpoenas issued correctly the first time, every time.

One of the best examples of going to battle for our clients is when one of our California clients needed several subpoenas issued on a rush basis in several counties in the State of Florida in 2019. At the time, Subpoenas were issued under the old Uniform Foreign Depositions Act, where a Commission and the Notice were required and must be presented to the Clerk of the Court where the discovery is requested. However, the new Uniform Interstate Deposition and Discovery Act (UIDDA) just was enacted the very same week, unbeknownst to the Clerks of the several counties we were trying to get discovery from.

Part of what we do at CLSS Online, Inc. is not only to spend the time to call the Clerk of the Courts of each county to verify their procedures, but if they need to be made aware of their own rules, we educate them. Since the Clerks were unaware of what to do with their new rules, and since we knew how the UIDDA worked, we told them how it worked. Since they would only take advice from someone within the Florida court system, we asked for the General Counsel of their counties. After speaking with the individual General Counsel(s), we provided them with the  information they neededl, the two County Clerk of Courts had the Subpoenas issued within 24 hours. thanks to intervention from CLSS Online, our customer were delighted with our knowledge, commitment, and tenacity.  

CLSS Online, Inc. routinely goes above and beyond, spending the time and resources to break through the barriers to get what is needed to get the Subpoenas issued when most providers would be stonewalled and give up. We are the best at what we do.

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